Company Profile

Verstay was established to offer a comprehensive range of quality products and services to the telecommunication industry at large. We recognized the need for a company that would focus its energies on the supply to dealers and end users alike with a cost effective range of products without compromising on quality, reliability or back up service.

The company initially obtained the Southern African distribution rights for, "Vertex Standard and Yaesu of Japan," PMR communication equipment. The Vertex Standard range of Commercial, Air Band, Amateur, and Marine Band radios is well designed and rigorously field-tested throughout the world. We understand the demanding environments that our products will have to endure to be acceptable to the global market. Vertex Standard has been available for fifty years in a number of countries around the world and has provided mission critical communications for thousands of businesses and government agencies. We represent products that we are proud of and that we can recommend to you to deliver outstanding service throughout the purchase and application life.

Verstay was further awarded the sole African distribution for the quality Midian range of encryption and tone encode decode boards for use in all major radio brands such as Vertex Standard, Icom, Motorola and Kenwood radios to name a few. Midian boasts the highest level of rolling code encryption boards available on the market. When confidential conversation is important to your business, then Midian is the product for your organisation.

The products we offer are in constant use in public safety and private sectors such as Security firms, Policing, Fire Protection, Medical Services, Transport and Construction companies to name a few. We have a commitment by our suppliers to keep on the cutting edge of radio technology to ensure suppliers and end user alike of the very latest advances in the radios they purchase.

Verstay's head office is situated at Villa Valencia Office Park in Glen Marias just a few minutes drive north from the Johannesburg International Airport. The proximity of the offices to all major highway routes in Johannesburg makes for quick and easy access by clients.

The Management has adopted a policy of "ownership" for all employees of the company, empowering all individuals to excel at their own strengths. Verstay has adopted an approach of transferring of skills at all levels to individuals who show the desire to expand their two way radio knowledge. The company is currently setting up a joint venture company with a BEE partner that will facilitate the birth of an indigenous company in the radio field. Our plans include expansion into the sub-continent to offer skills training and product know-how for the ever growing African market.

Finally we are motivated to supply a service to our client base that surpasses all others. It has always been the philosophy of the directors to set up long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. We firmly believe that the small company of today will become the industry leaders of tomorrow.


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